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TotallyTown is a unique Earth SMP unlike any other. We are utilizing a completely custom resource pack to enhance your experience as a player! Explore the earth with unique cosmetics, really cool furniture, item wraps, and so much more! Claim your land, grow a town or nation, declare wars against others, and aim to become the biggest land of em' all! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Game nights will be held when a vote requirement is meant, giving you the chance to show off your minigame skills in game modes such as Tnt Run, Block Party, Hunger Games, TNT Tag, and so much more coming soon.

TotallyCraft [] Minecraft Gamemodes:

TotallyCraft offers gamemodes including Survival, SMP, Earth, and much more.

What country is TotallyCraft [] hosted in?

TotallyCraft server is hosted within the United States. This allows for great connections to a variety of countries in this region.

What is TotallyCraft [] website?

TotallyCraft website can be found at: On the website, you will find the forums, server store, and news all about the server. Contributing to servers will allow them to continue to propser and provide active updates for your enjoyment.

What is the link to TotallyCraft [] discord server?

Connect to TotallyCraft community discord server by clicking the link: On the discord you can chat with other players, request support, and get the latest updates about the TotallyCraft server.

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